Walkaround of my KZ-200 and list of modifications ( all parts were sourced from ebay except the tail from Airtech-Streamling.com):

-Emgo H4 6.5'' headlight
- Led turn signals with dash indicator delete (stock flasher relay)
- Cat eye integrated rear light with smoked finish
- 35mm emgo pod filters
- 3/8'' Bar end mirror
- Drag style handlebar
-"jackhammer" grips
- Toyota camry grey spray paint/ Spray Max 2k clear coat
- Flat black engine enamel paint
- Airtech Streamlining C4 small cutlass tail (also cut down to fit)
- 7/8'' mirror clamps to hold tail section
- Car seat cover fitted over seat upholstery foam, velcro'd on
- Revamp 9 amp lithium battery
- #38 pilot jet, 110 main jet
- Emgo shorty 12 inch exhaust with baffle, slight gas packing
- Rear section of frame has been chopped to remove stock turn signal mounts and shorten frame to rear suspension, used chair leg plugs to seal.